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My name is Lazarus Chernik and this is my portfolio website. Please feel free to browse at your leisure. You may also download a copy of my resume below or email me directly. I am a Creative Director, Sr. Art Director and Sr. Designer for both companies and projects.


Notable Clients

  • Agency
    • Zimmerman Advertising (ICD)
    • Grey Advertising
    • Deutsch
    • Modem Media
    • Modem Media - Poppe Tyson
    • Robert A. Becker Agency (RSCG-Euro)
    • MJM Marketing
  • Entertainment & Publishing
    • Warner Bros. (Toy Division)
    • Consumer Reports (a division of Consumer Union)
    • White Wolf
    • On2 (Online Multimedia Entertainment)
  • Business & Consumer Services
    • USTender, LLC
    • GE Capital
    • Bell Atlantic
    • Delta Airlines
    • Media Space Solutions
    • E-Advoc@te
  • Retail
    • Lennar Corporation
    • Elizabeth Arden
    • Dura-Ware Company of America, Inc.
  • Financial Services
    • Merrill Lynch (internal publishing)
    • Citicorp Securities, Inc. (internal publishing)
    • Chase-Manhattan Bank, and
  • Insurance & Benefits
    • vSimplify
    • Internet Health Care Group
  • Technology
    • GE Capital (IS intranet)
    • Bell Atlantic
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Double Click (IS intranet)
    • ASC Technologies, Inc.
    • Physitron (Client: United States Army)
    • On2 (Broadband Multimedia Software)
    • Stone & Webster Consulting
    • MLB Consulting Services
    • Thermatool
    • Safe Flight
    • Natsource
    • @Plan
    • Industrial Machining
    • Consumer Reports (IS intranet)
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Copyright © : 2009-2010
Developer : Lazarus Chernik (AKA: The Deep)
Project : Shadowrun 4a Character Generator and Manager
Format : Microsoft XLSX file.

Shadowrun 4a Character Generator and Manager

Updated for use with Shadowrun Anniversary Edition Karma Rules.


This Character Generator and Manager allows one to use Build Points, Karma and Nuyen to start and improve a character for the life of a campaign.

It might take awhile to get used to the various pages and their full power - but the final output in incredibly useful. The character should be reprinted before each session.

There are 3 sections of 16 worksheets:

  1. Character Sheets are automatically generated by pages in other sections. DO NOT EDIT THEM !!!
    1. Print out only one of these pages for use during game. Character stats will populate all sheets.
      1. General_Sheet
      2. NoCyber_Sheet
      3. Samurai_Sheet
      4. Hacker_Sheet
      5. Mage Sheet
    2. Print both of these pages for use during game. You may add a picture to the Cyberware sheet.
      1. Skills_Sheet - Use the sort features of the list to show only the skills with "Non-Blank" values. Otherwise, you have a list of many skills which the character did not spend BP or Karms in.
      2. Cyberware_Sheet - A Character picture may be added to this page.
  2. Build and manage your characters primary stats and bonuses.. You can use both Build Points and Karma.
      1. Main_Generator - Start Here to generate your character from scratch. You can manage your attributes, qualities and contacts here.
      2. Skills_Generator - Use this to manage your skill groups, skills and knowledge skills. You CAN create your own skills, specializations and "other" skill modifiers. It's a very long page - so be ready to scroll. NOTE: At this time, all specializations are bought with karma - not build points. That means you might begin a character with negative karma to be paid back at a later time. This page will populate the "Skills_Sheet".
  3. Build and manage the details of the character including, cyberware, armor, magic and hacking.
      1. Resources - Enter all earnings and karma awards. It's your campaign record for posterity - and your bank.
      2. Lifestyle+Gear - General lifestyle and equipment is listed here. A second list is for stuff that sold or lost, so the bank can be calculated correctly.
      3. Armory - Armor and Weapons. Very little here is calculated by itself but one can use a simple function to calculate melee weapon dmg. FOR EXAMPLE: To use the Cyber/Magic modified strength with a Katana enter in
        Which would give a Troll with a natural Strength of 8 and Muscle Replacements of 2 a total of ((8+2)/2)+3&"P" = 8P
      4. Cyberware - There are different sections for each cyber-replacement body part (eyes, ears, left arm, right leg, etc.). Cyberware installed in replacement limbs must be entered in their respective lists. Cyberware NOT installed in a replacement part must be added in the lowest (and largest) list. This page will populate the "Cyberware_Sheet".
      5. Hacking - You aren't a hacker without a Commlink - make sure you have one and have it configured properly. This page will help populate the "Hacker_Sheet".
      6. Technomancy - This page will help populate the "Hacker_Sheet".
      7. Magic - This page will help populate the "Mage_Sheet

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